Dixie's Floridale, Florida Weather Webpage lives in Floridale, Florida; 15 miles east of Milton, Florida in the heart of Dixie. We are just north of Hi-way 90. We have a Sky Cam and two weather stations; a Davis in the front yard and a Rainwise in the back yard. And a sling psychrometer and an 11 inch plastic rain guage just in case either of the weather stations need adjusting. We are about 10 miles east of the US Navy's Whiting Field. We use data from the two weather stations at Whiting Field to cross-check our data accuracy. Although, I suspect, that my data is just as accurate as theirs, if not more so.
This weather webpage is not just Floridale's weather webpage but yours as well. Starting after the Sky Cam are various weather categories that can be changed using the "Update" button. Initially, you will find Floridale's information, but you can change it to reflect the conditions where you live. Then, it becomes your weather web page. A good looking web page too, if I do say so myself.